SpagoBI – open source business intelligence suite
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SpagoBI – open source business intelligence suite

SpagoBI is the only 100% open source, complete and flexible Business Intelligence suite, supporting the development of innovative Business Intelligence solutions. Thanks to its wide offering of analytical tools and to its new and intuitive user interface, SpagoBI supports day-to-day and strategic business, both at the decision-making and operational levels.

The Analytical Model is the core of SpagoBI Server and covers the whole range of analytical needs, providing many solutions for each analytical area:

  • Reporting, to realize structured reports and export them in several formats
  • OLAP, allowing the multidimensional analysis on data through flexible and user-friendly OLAP engines
  • Charts, allowing to develop single ready-to-use graphical and interactive widgets
  • KPI, to create, manage, view and browse KPI hierarchical models
  • Interactive cockpits, to aggregate several documents into a single view, fostering their interactive and intuitive usage
  • Ad-hoc reporting, to create multi-sheet reports through the Worksheet engine
  • Location Intelligence, for run-time connections between geographic and business data
  • Free inquiry (Driven Data Selection), to build queries through entirely graphical tools
  • Data Mining, to find out hidden information patterns among a great amount of data
  • Real-time dashboards and consoles, to monitor your business data and processes in real-time
  • Collaboration, to automatically create organized report dossiers, with comments and notes
  • Office, for the publication of personal documents in BI environments
  • ETL, allowing to load data into the data warehouse and manage it
  • Mobile, based on the common touch-screen interaction paradigm, to efficiently combine BI with mobility
  • External processes, to manage customized processes, running in the background and/or starting at a scheduled time
  • Master Data Management, to take advantage of write-back functionalities on the database.

Technology: Java
License: Mozilla Public License
Website: SpagoBi

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