Palo – open source business intelligence
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Palo – open source business intelligence

Palo Suite combines all core applications — OLAP Server, Palo Web, Palo ETL Server and Palo for Excel — into one comprehensive and customisable Business Intelligence platform. The platform is completely based on Open Source products representing a high-end Business Intelligence solution which is available entirely free of any license fees.

Palo OLAP Server, key module of the Palo Suite, offers increased stability and performance, as well as new logical algorithms. It is a multi-user, high-performance data server application that allows workers throughout an enterprise to access, change and collaborate on BI data instantaneously. Furthermore, it offers a real-time aggregation through the multi-dimensional data model.

Palo Web combines all Palo components in a Web-Interface. Here all actions can be carried out, given the user rights that are claimed, allow Palo Web access. Designer are able to administrate and create web- based reports, model the OLAP Database or monitor ETL-processes. Business users are able to view Planning and Analysis reporting in Palo Web

The Palo Suite allows users direct access via Microsoft Excel and Open office Calc by including Palo for Excel . By doing so, existing applications (mostly Excel based) can easily be migrated and find further use. Entry into the Palo Suite via Palo for Excel is simple, and is achieved without previous Palo experience.

Palo ETL Server is a Web-based data acquisition tool that extracts, transforms and loads data from transactional systems, data warehouses and other external sources. The application accepts data from relational database management systems, SAP, Web services and much more.

License: GPL v. 2
Website: Palo

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