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dgrid – full featured, lightweight data grids

A next-generation grid component that takes full advantage of modern browsers and object stores. Lightweight, modular, and easily extensible, dgrid is released under the same open-source license and CLA as the Dojo Toolkit.



  • Modern Architecture
    dgrid has been designed to take advantage of AMD with granular dependencies; this means it only loads the bare essentials.
  • Column Plugins
    Reshape the way a column behaves through the use of plugins such as editor and tree.
  • Extensions
    Resizable columns, column reordering, pagination and more are achieved through dgrid extensions. Or easily create your own extensions to meet your specific needs.
  • Skinning
    dgrid ships with several default themes including the Claro theme to match the popular Dijit theme. You can easily customize dgrid through well documented CSS and/or jQuery ThemeRoller classes.
  • Mobile Support
    dgrid has been tested to work on iOS and Android browsers. Providing accelerated scrolling for your data on the go.
  • A11y
    The keyboard mixin adds keyboard handling functionality. The arrow keys can be used to navigate the focus across cells and rows, providing accessibility and ease of use.

Technology: Javascript
License: BSD/AFLv2
Website: dgrid

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